YPI Yachts are making headlines

No less than 11 pages in Boat International and the front cover of Yachts France have been dedicated to the charter yacht MARY JEAN II built by ISA, and the page are full of praise, “Italian Yard ISA carries off this 61.7 metre project with impressive skill. Carefully designed areas make vast spaces feel homely, and Mark Berryman’s warm and welcoming interiors are sure to appeal to the most discerning of charterers.”


Jacqueline Leigh, YPI charter Broker, was on board the super yacht MARY JEAN II in Croatia to supervise the photo shoot and she cannot hide her enthusiasm for this yacht “I love the design, the layout, the space, and the crew”…There is effectively no doubt that MARY JEAN II is made of something very rare nowadays: a perfect combination of passion, creativity and professionalism …  Lucky would be the charterers will have the opportunity to enjoy her during long sunny days and starlit nights…


The other yacht that is making the headlines is dramatically different from Mary Jean II; proof of the diversity of Yachting Partners International, this other beautiful vessel is a J Class, a legendary sailing yacht, emerging directly from the America’s Cup origins: LIONHEART. Throughout the 9 page article, the journalist has difficulty hiding his excitement, this 43.4 metre sloop is reviewed in detail with comments like: “There is no doubt that the sailing yacht LIONHEART is an exceptional addition to the J Class fleet and has brought a new approach to many aspects of replica J Class Design”.

Saiing yacht Lionheart

One particularity of the J Class LIONHEART is that she was designed as a dual purpose racer-cruiser; she is able to accommodate all sailing programs ranging from racing to quiet family cruising in blue Caribbean waters...