YPI Management: It promises to be a great year...

YPI Management has long been known for its experienced team of yacht managers and support staff who always keep the best interests of the Owner and the crew as their number one priority. Their immense reputation in the industry as one of the top Yacht Management divisions has now brought them 3 new contracts in these first few weeks of the year and is a testament to their skill and know how.


Franc Jansen YPI Management
In today’s market, owners are looking for efficient ways to run their yachts by keeping running and maintenance costs low and by benefiting from different fiscal schemes. The most recent owners to trust YPI for their yacht’s management did so knowing they would be guaranteed those results.  “The newest yachts to join our management fleet are a 49 metre ISA, an Amels 177 still under construction and 1 year old Heesen.  We are very proud to have these important yachts as a part of our portfolio” says Franc Jansen, Director and Head of YPI Management.  “It is always an exciting time when signing on a new boat but it’s also when we need to really take the time to evaluate the needs of the client.  Needless to say we are very busy at the moment”!


Franc did find the time last week to appear at the London Boat show where he was invited as an expert speaker for the Superyacht UK Technical Seminar.  He was there to speak about the implementation of the MLC 2006 from the point of view of an owner and a yacht operator/yacht manager.  Franc will be a guest speaker at additional events later this year including the Superyacht Fiscal Forum in London on Tuesday February 8th.


For more on how yacht management can help you and for the full list of Management Services available from YPI, contact Franc Jansen on:

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Email: management@ypigroup.com

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