YPI Crew sponsors yacht captain and racing car driver


Her passion and intensity for life is already well known, but nowLaurence Reymann, Director of YPICrew, is taking that passion to the race track as YPICrewsponsors yacht captain and racing car driverLars Viljoenin the FIA prototype racing circuit – the SPEED EuroSeries.


 “Racing and Yachting are both high-end pursuits fostering the type of excellence which is the cornerstone of my vision for YPI Crew,” Laurence told us. “Skill, energy, courage and determination are qualities I value a lot and Lars embodies these qualities both as a professional yacht captain and as a racing car driver.”

An up-and-coming captain, Lars is currently at the helm of the Princess 95 yacht M.Y. PRINCESS LILY.
"I believe yachting and motorsport go hand in hand,” he says. “There are many similarities between the two. You see the two worlds combining for the Monaco, Valencia and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and other circuits like Dubai, Barcelona and Macau. Both are fast and luxurious worlds that always entice you back for more, this is probably why I like them so much".
When Lars approached YPI Crew about a possible collaboration it didn’t take Laurence long to make up her mind.
“I felt it was exactly the right thing to do. I want to be able to help people passionate about life, people like Lars, to achieve their goals. It is also a fun and exciting way for YPI Crew to communicate with our candidates and clients and it’s great to fly the YPI Crew flag over some of Europe's legendary race tracks, the playgrounds for so many of our yacht owners.”
Featuring FIA sports prototype racing, the SPEED EuroSeries is a key rung on the ladder for racing car drivers with their sights set on the likes of Le Mans Series and 24hr racing.
Showcasing chassis from leading manufacturers, drivers and teams battle it out for the title with races being covered on Sky, Motors and many other channels all over the world.
“Lars drives a Ligier,” explains Laurence, “and I am very proud to say that he has just won the trophy for BEST DRIVE in the first race of the season on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May at Spa. Now that’s the sort of start we all want to see.”
You can see the YPI Crew car driven by Lars at the next race which takes place in Imola on 24th June 2012.