The first ever YPI Super Yacht Owners Summit...

It is never easy launching an event for the first time. Like all good parties, you never really know who is going to turn up until the last minute. So we were all very pleased to see the number of superyacht owners, their partners or representatives, who turned up for the first ever YPI Super Yacht Owners Summit held on the eve of the Monaco Yacht Show in the prestigious environs of the Monaco Yacht Club.

The event was created by YPI as a way of helping superyacht owners (those invited by YPI as well as our co-hosts The Yacht Report and sponsors BNP Paribas, VistaJet and lawyers Holman Fenwick Wilan) to better understand how the industry works, how it has changed and how to get better value from it since the dramatic events of the last year.

A superb way of introducing owners and potential owners to some of the industry’s top experts, the event panel featured the CEO from shipbroking giants BRS, Jean-Bernard Raoust; YPI Group MD Bertrand Vogèle, partner with marine legal specialists Holman Fenwick Wilan Jay Tooker, BNP Paribas’s marine financing expert Olivier Blanchet, CEO of VistaJet private jet operator Thomas Flohr and CRN Yachts CEO Lamberto Tacoli. Each talked about how the last year affected their aspect of yachting and discussed what owners needed to do today to get more from the industry. Chaired by the Yacht Report’s CEO Martin Redmayne, owners were actively encouraged to participate in the discussions which resulted in some excellent exchanges as to how brokers can better work with owners in the future.

“I admired the spirit of today,” one owner told us over cocktails after the event, “what you guys are doing is excellent. Owner’s need a voice…we are fed up with being lied to or ignored.”

All those who attended, and indeed all those who were invited but were unable to attend, will be receiving follow-up communications from YPI and an especially dedicated section of the www.superyachtowners.com website is being developed to allow all owners the chance to continue some of the conversations started at the Summit via an exclusive VIP Forum.