360° Magazine

Welcome to the first edition of 360º Magazine, a new publication that has been created with the intention of providing both current and potential superyacht owners with engaging and incisive news and information on the superyacht world. A brand new magazine that’s a unique blend of superyacht insight, global business, wealth management trends and luxury lifestyle articles.


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 360 magazine
360º Magazine has been tailored to appeal to members of an elite club who share an approach to life in which each day must be lived to the full. And these connoisseurs understand that the enjoyment of superyachting provides an experience in luxury which is second to none. At YPI we share this passion and we share your values. Whether it is finding the perfect yacht to buy or charter, or helping you enhance your superyachting experience, we will do our utmost to serve and inspire you.

So we hope that you enjoy our exciting inaugural issue of 360º Magazine and find features inside that enlighten, inspire and advise. And we’d be delighted to hear your feedback on news and features that you’d like to see in future editions.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say ‘welcome aboard’ to our colleagues from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. We are delighted to be working in partnership with their team who will be providing 360º Magazine with expert guidance, analysis and insight in all areas of wealth management. You’ll find their features thought provoking and engaging. It’s a partnership we are hugely excited about and look forward to a fruitful relationship going forward.