With so many pre-owned motor yachts and sailing yachts available on the brokerage market, it is natural to ask yourself, "Why build my own yacht instead of buy one that is already afloat?"

There are many reasons why you might want to consider one option over the other, and it's important for you to consider them all before building a yacht from scratch.


The first - and most obvious - reason you might want to plump for a new build yacht is the degree of control you will be able to have over the finished product. A yacht acquired from the brokerage market can be retrofitted and modernised, by all means, but there will still be a number of structural elements that cannot be changed. You will be restricted by the decisions made by the yacht's original owner, which may have been many years previously and before current options, technologies and methods were available. Furthermore, you may prefer to build a yacht rather than buy pre-owned if you would like specific amenities onboard, which is not guaranteed from the brokerage market. When you are building new, and with a semi-custom or fully custom route, there are no such limits.


The operational costs and charter potential can also stack up in favour of new construction over pre-owned yachts. Although the initial outlay of a new build project is likely to be larger than a brokerage purchase, the first few years of ownership can see much greater financial advantages. Newly delivered yachts generally have lower maintenance budgets than those that were built a number of years previously, since all the systems are newly installed and covered by manufacturer's warranties. Brand new yachts entering the charter market can be depended upon to draw the highest-possible charter rates, with even a few weeks of bookings each season helping to seriously offset running costs.


The resale value of the yacht is a primary advantage of building a new yacht over buying from the brokerage market, too. Those superyachts that are built by the top shipyards historically have maintained their value exceptionally over time, in some cases selling several years after delivery for a price close to the original construction cost.

And in the meantime, before you decide you would like to choose your next superyacht, with a new build you can be sure to enjoy a pristine yacht that has been created to your exact specifications. New construction comes with the beauty of carpets where wine has yet to be spilled, the comfort of beds where no one else has slept, and the knowledge that everything is just as it should be in the owner's mind. Few of life's experiences can offer such pleasures.