New Construction


  • Create a design brief and preliminary specification of your dream yacht with your YPI broker and our experienced team of construction experts.
  • Once the brief has been created, we approach designers to provide a concept and builders are assessed to decide the most suitable match for the project.
  • After concepts are agreed and the requirements outlined, a contract is drawn up and signed between the owner and the builder. Specific standards and criteria are defined for the completed yacht.
  • Before construction starts, the design process can take up to a year for a fully custom superyacht, to ensure minimal costly change orders at a later stage.


  • The duration of the build depends on the complexity, size and degree of customisation of your project.
  • Close monitoring from your YPI broker and construction management team alongside your own representatives or build captain will ensure things keep on track both for time and budget.
  • During the build, the YPI construction management team can assist with commissioning equipment and assessing its performance.


  • Splash! Your yacht is put in the water for the first time, having taken form and nearing delivery.
  • The superstructure is in place and the interior fit-out almost complete.
  • The technical systems start to be put through their paces. The YPI team is on hand to ensure your new yacht will be up to standard, from the initial, less rigorous testing in the harbour to the full sea trials.
  • Testing of maximum speed, noise, vibration and technical equipment will ensure your project meets its contractual requirements.
  • The yacht is put in the water for the first time.
  • YPI Crew will work with your captain and engineer to build a fantastic crew that matches your new dream yacht in the months leading up to the delivery.


  • Once sea trials are passed, the final steps are taken before delivery.
  • The YPI construction management team will work with your captain and engineer to assess warrantees and check inventories are complete.
  • The YPI Management team can work with your departmental heads to create comprehensive yet straightforward operating manuals and protocols.
  • Our YPI Management team continues to support your crew throughout the life of the superyacht, offering support and assistance whenever needed.

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    • Blade
    • 105m, Ken Freivokh Design
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    • 61.7m, ISA YACHT
    • BUILT IN 2010 WITH YPI

Why build vs buy?

A complete control over the finish product... Read more.


Our New Construction Team


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About new construction

The first reason to build a luxury yacht versus buying is complete control over the finished product. While a superyacht purchased on the brokerage market can be retrofitted and modernized, it is still an existing hull with particular specifications. A new yacht construction project has no such limitations. The new owner is never at the mercy of decisions made by the previous boat owner, decisions sometimes made many years ago, when current options were simply unavailable.

Another reason to building a yacht versus buying is a desire for specific onboard amenities. Every would-be yacht owner has a wish list of features that he wants onboard the boat, and with a new yacht construction project, every single one of those features can be incorporated. By contrast, with a brokerage market yacht, compromises often must be made —especially if items on the wish list include cutting-edge technology at the helm, in the audiovisual system, or in the engine room.

Finances, too, are important to consider when deciding to build a yacht versus buying. While a new yacht construction project is likely to require a larger up-front investment than a brokerage purchase, the new construction owner is likely to see great value from that investment. This is particularly true during the earliest years of ownership. New construction yachts generally have lower maintenance budgets than brokerage market yachts, since all systems are newly installed and covered by factory warranties. New construction yachts entering the charter market draw the highest-possible yacht charter rates, with even a few weeks of bookings each year helping to seriously offset running costs.

Resale value of the yacht, too, is a primary advantage of a new construction superyacht. Builds from top shipyards historically have maintained exceptional value over time, in some cases selling several years later for a price very close to the original construction cost. And of course, there is the simple pleasure of being able to spend time aboard a pristine yacht. New construction comes with the beauty of carpets where wine has yet to be spilled, the comfort of beds where no one else has slept, and the knowledge that everything is just as it should be in the owner’s mind. Few of life’s experiences can offer such pleasures. Read more.