When YPI started out in yachting, there were 14 international yacht brokerage houses. Today there are over 150. Many come and go, some try to avoid meeting the brokerage regulations and guidelines set by industry associations, but a handful remain steadfast and firm, delivering results for clients year after year.

Of these industry leading brokerage houses, YPI is one of the four longest serving. We have sold well over 500 luxury yachts over 24 metres for clients across the world, ranging from smaller, sportier yachts to some of the largest and best known superyachts on the water.

With a database that has been built up over more than 40 years in yachting and 160 years in shipping, and a reach that spans the globe from the USA to Asia, YPI's Brokerage division will get you results. Our compact team is comprised of passionate, experienced and specialised brokers who are motivated to get you the best results, whether you are looking to buy or sell a yacht.

YPI consistently maintains one of the highest industry averages for prices of yachts sold, and is one of the few companies with a dedicated Sailing Yacht Division. Our track record for selling sailing yachts speaks for itself: over the last four years, YPI Sailing has accounted for over 10 per cent of sailing superyacht sales worldwide; in the last year alone we have been involved in the sales of such renowned sailing yachts as YII, Rainbow, Cyclos III, Mari-Cha IV, Carl Linne, among many others.


When you are selling:
  • In-depth market intelligence to provide you with the most realistic price evaluations.
  • A dedicated Sailing Yacht division that understands the unique sector of the market.
  • Targeted marketing to reach potential buyers through digital and offline platforms, including with carefully selected luxury partners.
  • Access to a verified, rigorously maintained database of potential buyers built up over decades by YPI and the BRS Group.
  • A fantastic network of connections within the yachting industry to help reach buyers beyond those targeted directly by YPI.
  • A dedicated, experienced broker skilled in negotiations to handle your sale, supported by a team of assistants, market analysts, marketing professionals, financial experts and those with legal, fiscal and operational competence.
  • A focused strategy and approach to selling your yacht, understanding why it stands out within the brokerage marketplace.
  • Detailed, transparent reporting on all sales activity, including enquiries, offers and communications.
  • Price and contract negotiation, guidance with sea trials and all closing related matters for the completion of the sale of your yacht.
  • The guarantee that if we agree to represent your yacht for sale, it is because we believe we can sell it.
When you are buying:
  • In-depth market intelligence on all relevant yachts for sale, including those offically on the market plus those secret "off-market" deals.
  • Knowledge of the yachts themselves, their history, price reductions and maintenance.
  • Dedicated Sailing Yacht division to help you find the right yacht for your needs.
  • Access to clear digital and print communication tools to show you all relevant yachts for sale.
  • Informed advice on realistic yacht operations costs, possible hidden costs and expected future expenditure.
  • Expert price and contract negotiation, guidance with sea trials and all closing related matters to offer you maximum protection.
  • Strong after-sales support and help with operational management should you require it.