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Greece Yacht Charter

Greece Yacht Charter

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A yacht charter around Greece has a lot to offer. Experience the ancient city of Delos, the stunning countryside of Crete, or stop off at Athens and delve into the ancient history of this land.

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Greece can be divided into three distinct regions, each a fantastic yacht charter destination in its own right. Located at the southern end of the Balkans the mainland stretches from Thrace, below Bulgaria, to the Peloponnese Peninsula, our second distinct region. Separated from the mainland by the Isthmus of Corinth Canal, Paloponnese has a fantastic coastline to explore on a yacht charter in Greece.

The third and final region to explore on a Greece yacht charter are the islands that dot the Aegean Sea, the biggest of which is Crete. Due to the length and contours of the Greek coastline, as well as the numerous islands, Greece has the 11th largest coastline in the world, stretching for 13,676km.

The Greek islands alone make up over 7,500km of coastline. Islands such as Crete, Rhodes and the Cyclades are some of the more popular yacht charter destinations in Greece, all of which are surrounded by crystal clear waters and stunning, historical scenery.

Destination options on a Yacht Charter in Greece:

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